Oddly Shaped Pegs

An inquiry into the Nature and Causes of Stuff

Oddly Shaped Pegs

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Not all scientific ideas fit neatly into the standard, round-hole formats of academic publication. These square pegs are still important, though, and blogs provide a forum for at least some of them. As Michael Nielsen writes in a recent essay,

“Many of the best blog posts contain material that could not easily be published in a conventional way… You can think of blogs as a way of scaling up scientific conversation, so that conversations can become widely distributed in both time and space.”

These misfit ideas include interesting technical ideas that are not substantial enough to merit a conference paper, but also meta-discussions about research: how a given community is organized, what makes for good writing, what makes a proof “deep”, etc.

For lack of a better venue, this blog is a place to collect my own oddly shaped pegs.

And anything else I feel like throwing in.


Written by adamdsmith

February 22, 2009 at 3:50 pm

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